Green Energy

Businesses need energy but have to pay handsomely. On top of the price, there’s an environmental cost (30% of the UK’s CO2 emissions are from electricity generation).

Often, there’s even an animal cost. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, there are 3 types of greener energy to consider:


+ CO2 emission-free electricity

+ Solar, wind, wave/tidal, small-scale hydro

+ Exempt from Climate Change Levy (CCL)

+ Renewable Obligation or Levy Exemption


+ Lower emissions than brown energy

+ Combined heat/power, biomass (no CCL)

+ Large-scale hydro, nuclear (CCL)

+ Cost-neutral vs standard brown energy


+ Quality‐assured carbon emissions offset.

+ Reforestation, conservation, efficiency

+ Offset all or part of your gas emissions

+ Certificate declaring % of emissions offset

    Key benefits of greener energy

+ Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials

+ 65% of consumers want companies to be environmentally responsible

+ Companies who consider the environment are viewed positively by customers, suppliers and investors


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